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“Our business client was highly positive on both the report and rebuttal report. We’ve never worked with an expert that had a better command of the facts or who was better prepared or more effective in a deposition.”
Retaining Counsel

Tavakoli Structured Finance® provides exceptional quality expert reports and rebuttal reports with crisp, persuasive testimony and unparalleled command of the facts of the case.

Engagements include complex structured finance matters: securitization, mortgage-backed securities, mortgage-related derivatives, total return swaps, asset-backed securities, collateralized debt obligations, credit derivatives, special purpose entities, traditional derivatives, risk management, synthetic securities, ratings of structured financial products, and cash securities.

Example Engagements

Engagements include representatives of plaintiffs or defendants depending on the issues.

Plaintiff engagements include Bank of America N.A. et al. v. Bartmann, JPM Chase, et al. Total claims in the consolidated litigation exceeded $1.2 billion.

In Re Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc. Securities, Derivative and ERISA Litigation, 07-9633; total claims in the consolidated litigation were $550 million.

Representative clients: Day Edwards, Helms Mulliss & Wicker, Lowenstein Sandler LLP, Mayer Brown, Patterson &Tyler LLP, Pomerantz Grossman Hufford Dahlstrom & Gross LLP, Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan LLP, Richards Butler LLP, and Susman Godfrey LLP.


TSF also provides calculations of damages for complicated financial products.

Protocol for Law Firms

The partner in charge of the case – with the authority to hire experts – should call or send either a letter or an email with full contact details, the case name, including all plaintiffs and defendants, the publicly filed complaint (if available), and the requested scope of work.

TSF will perform a conflict check. If there is no conflict and the case is one in which we can provide expert consulting potentially with an expert opinion and testimony, TSF will send the terms and conditions of business. Once these terms are met and TSF is formally engaged, phone calls and meetings will be arranged.

Tavakoli Structured Finance will not discuss opinions before being retained. This prevents false claims by opposition lawyers of having obtained a preliminary opinion and/or false claims that opposing counsel has conflicted out TSF from a case.

No information besides terms of business will be provided to prevent designation without permission.

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