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Eratta for Dear Mr. Buffett

Note to Readers from author Janet Tavakoli on January 10, 2009

The process of publishing a book means that you may make your own typos, and copyeditors and proof editors will add additional errors, each of which have to be caught at each step of the way. These errors are present in the first printing of Dear Mr. Buffett: What An Investor Learns 1,269 Miles from Wall Street, and will be corrected in the next printing.

Acknowledgements p. xv J. Allen Meyer should read Allan with an “a.”

P. 11 par 2 line 6: should read adjusted skirt in the elevator…rather than “on’

P. 11 par 5 line 5: Katherine (first e should be an “a”) should read Katharine

p. 42 – $ 4.44 in text is correct $ 4.41 reported in the table on page 43 should be $4.44

p. 49 – para 6 line 2: triatheletes should read triathletes

P. 51, par 4, line 1: should read ‘…have to do to avoid..’, rather than ‘…have to do avoid’.

P. 52 par 1, line 7: “canon” should be “cannon”

P. 54, last par, line 4: should read ‘…a 50-50 bet in which…’, rather than ‘…a 50-50 bets in which…’

p. 73 – para 3 line 7: “is that is must remain” should read “is that it must remain

p. 86 – Para 2 line 3: “losses must be born by lenders” may read “losses must be borne by lenders”

p. 108 – para 1 line 6 first word: “mangers” should be “manager

P. 125 second full paragraph second to the last line, February 13, 2008 should read February 13, 2007. The date is correct in the Notes, however.

p. 126 – para 2 line 2: “a $1 million dollar home” should read “a $1 million home”

p. 138 – last line “March 2007” should read “March 2008

P. 144, par 1, line 5: ‘Peloton’ rather than ‘Peloton’s’.

P. 146 line 7 should read “$800,000 loan” instead of $800 million.

P. 156 last par first line: should read: “with” rather than “both Bloomberg”

P. 157, par 1, line 2: should read ‘…and if you can prove…’,( instead of’…and you can prove…’)

P. 158 par 1 line 8 should read: “is so fragile that it will” instead of “that will”

P. 167, par 1, second to last line: should read ‘…in the midst of a strategic review…’, (instead of ‘…in the midst strategic review…’)

P. 167 last line should read: “an $85 billion credit line” instead of “a”

P. 169, par 4, second to last line: should read ‘…in the future…’, (instead of ‘…in future…’.\)

P. 172, par 3, line 2: ‘needed’ (instead of ‘need’)

P. 172 par 3, line 9: “October 2008” should read “October 2009”

P. 176, last par, line 3: ‘methods’ (instead of ‘method’)

P. 184 Correction of Dinallo spelling

P. 185, par 2, line 5: ‘banks’ (instead of ‘bank’).

P. 197 second line: “Thomas Moore” should be “Thomas More”

P. 198 par 2, line 3: “more than” is repeated twice. One of these sets should be deleted.

P. 199 Spelling of Maseratis

P. 199, par 1, second to last line: should read ‘…can’t they afford new ones?…’, (instead of ‘…can’t they afford a new ones?.).

P. 201 par 1 line 16: “The U.S. government gook over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac on September 7, 2007,” should read “September 7, 2008.”

P. 205 par 4, line 1: “OTC” should read “OTS”

P. 206, par 3, line 7: should read ‘…in the future…’, (instead of ‘…in future…’)

P. 211 par 1 last sentence should be replaced with: Eitan talked of the goal of lasting peace, but when Warren had announced the acquisition, we were oblivious that in two months Israel would be embroiled in a bloody conflict with Lebanon

P. 212 Par 1 line 3: “1953” should read “1951”

P. 216 Par 4 line 1. “Medina” should be “Mecca.”

P. 220 par 4, line 3: delete the word ‘returns’.

P. 221, par 2, line 1: the period after ‘2006’ should be a comma

Notes: P. 225 second to last line Katherine should read Katharin

Title for P. 246 the title for Chapter 10 should read: Bazooka Hank and Dread Reckonin

Index: Under Ponzi scheme, the index only captures P. 129, but it should be Pp. 80, 88, 129

Index: Under Taleb, P. 281, it should read (conditional probabilities), 55 (black swan) 117