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By Janet Tavakoli

Financial Crises: Past, Present, and What’s Next

Financial Crisis of 2020 and Choices

Transcript of Remarks to Portfolio Management Research on April 21, 2020.

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The Great Gold Conspiracy of 1869

The Great Gold Conspiracy of 1869. Depicted are Jay Gould, James Fisk Jr., and Arthur Kimber

Gold Ring speculators led by arch-conspirator Jay Gould and James Fisk, Jr., drove up gold prices on September 24, 1869, causing the Black Friday panic and months of economic upheaval.

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Fed Unveils Headache Free QE Math

QE Math Tavakoli Structured Finance Spoof

Do derivatives confuse you? Do you hate bond math? We feel the same way! So we simplified your life with headache free QE math.
— The Federal Reserve Board We-Hate-Math Committee

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Financial Journalism: “Sometimes Being Responsible Means Pissing People Off”

Last week, Gillian Tett of the Financial Times wrote how five years previously, she and her fellow journalists were intimidated into backing off of a huge story about banks manipulating LIBOR. This is the London Interbank Offered Rate set by a poll of leading banks to determine the benchmark interest rate referenced by many home

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More Than One Million Reasons to Lie about Structured Finance

Note: This was the lead article in the Spring 2019 edition. The Journal of Structured Finance Spring 2019, 25 (1) 8-20; Janet M. Tavakoli

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Letter: Withdrawal from Non-binding Paris Accord

The next time we go to the negotiating table, we’ll insist on fairness, accountability and a deal that will pass the scrutiny of our elected representatives.

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Video: Foreclosure Fraud is a Crime (C-Span)

Foreclosure fraud is a crime; owing mortgage debt is not.

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Glass-Steagall: Effective Replacement for Convoluted “Regulations”

Separate commercial banks that take in deposits and provide loans from investment banks that sell securities and speculate. Eliminate Fed funding and bailouts for investment banks.

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Was the First Presidential Debate Rigged?

Lester Holt asked Mr. Trump whether he supported the Iraq War, and even seemed to debate him when Mr. Trump said he had not. But Holt did not ask Secretary Clinton the same question. At the time, she was a Senator, and she voted for the Iraq War.

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Brexit: Why should the British not reject feckless policies?

The Wall Street Point of View

At issue is self-determination, the ability to make and enforce laws. It is unwise to ignore that 1,000 years of English Common Law, a legal system that was successfully exported around the world, was on the brink of eradication.

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Donald Trump Wins, and So Do We

Whether or not you agree with Trump, at a minimum his participation is forcing other candidates to clarify their positions on illegal immigration, and other issues.

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Facebook: The Long and the Short of It

Facebook stock is at a record high: 103.94 as of the close Nov 4, 2015.

I am a long-time critic of Facebook’s funny numbers.

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Queen Elizabeth II: Credit and Character

Character is the most important of all of the four C’s of credit: character, capacity, collateral, and capital. Character is paramount. Money cannot buy it.

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Greece and the Troika: Next Moves

All the roads ahead will be hard for Greece. Some Greek corporations have already issued scrip, due to the shortage of Euros. Handelsblatt reported that Greek banks will be tapped out by the end of the day today.

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