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Tavakoli Structured Finance® (TSF) founded in 2003, is the leading independent risk consulting and expert witness services firm for derivatives, credit derivatives, mortgage backed securities, mortgage related derivatives, synthetic collateralized debt obligations, total return swaps, special purpose entities, foreign exchange derivatives, and structured finance. TSF does risk management and expert witness consulting.

“You give up things when you engage Janet Tavakoli. Things like jargon, irrelevant analysis, and poor decisions.”

Risk management topics include both systemic and balance sheet risk mitigation as well as accounting issues. TSF also aids financial institutions in dispute negotiations to agree on satisfactory financial outcomes without the need for time-consuming litigation.

Consulting Services

Consultation topics include trading strategies, reducing funding costs, hedging strategies, identifying inaccurately rated products, accounting issues, economic capital requirements, documentation, risk management, product development, and global investor demand.

TSF has given early warning on earnings manipulation, undisclosed risks, cash flow problems, liquidity problems, solvency problems, aggressive or fraudulent accounting practices, inaccurately rated products, over-leveraged companies, and various financial anomalies at high profile corporations and financial institutions.

Expert Witness Services

TSF has an unbroken track record of successful outcomes for clients as an expert witness. Consolidated claims include a case for $550 million and another for $1.2 billion.

Tavakoli Structured Finance LLC®

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